A global advisory and strategic communications firm, and your pathfinders in the digital frontier.

“I trust and value Trilligent’s counsel, and as integrated members of our Meta team they are able to move as quickly as we do. ”

Marc Johnson, VP, Corporate Communications

Trilligent is breaking the agency mold to better serve and champion all those who dare to change the physical and virtual worlds we inhabit. When failure is not an option, we help fast-moving and disruptive clients navigate the perilous space between their vision and a reality that people love.


  • Strategic Communications
  • Crisis Management
  • Issue Advocacy
  • Stakeholder Engagement
  • Creative & Digital Development
  • Media Relations
  • Research & Insights


  • No walls (literally and figuratively)
  • No time keeping and value-based pricing
  • Integrated client teams
  • Boutique size and overhead for agility and focus
  • Sister agency to APCO Worldwide, offering added resources and expertise

What We Value

  • To pursue our insatiable curiosity and evoke it in others
  • To include the voices that challenge and push us forward
  • To embrace differences and act with empathy
  • To boldy go towards the issues that matter most


What's Happening