Client Work

Meta Youth Campaign Case Study

Sep 21, 2023 / 2 min read

The Challenge

Meta hired Trilligent to design a social media campaign that would raise awareness about the new tools introduced across Meta’s family of apps to protect youth safety. Aimed at young people, parents and policymakers, the campaign targeted number of Meta’s key markets across Europe, meaning it had to be specific enough to engage local audiences and inclusive enough to be broadly engaging.

The Solution​

Meta partnered with Trilligent to design its European youth safety campaign, which our team did through a two-pronged approach. First, we identified and developed a relationship with a Gen Z designer who could create assets that would bring to life the impact of Meta’s new safety tools and features. From there, our team identified and managed the collaboration with four creators from Meta’s key markets who used their own channels to authentically highlight selected features and their benefits in their own voice.

The Result​

Meta’s campaign was successful in reaching 85 million people across 19 EU markets, including over 25 millions views and over 25 million engagements. Through this creative campaign, Meta was able to provide information on their new features in a fresh and engaging way, creating awareness and building public trust in safety on social media platforms. The campaign was endorsed by various civil society organizations across Europe and positioned Meta as a thought leader when it comes to protecting young people online.


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