Senior Consultant


Lorenz Honig is a senior consultant at Trilligent based in Berlin. At Trilligent, Lorenz supports clients from the digital and technology sector in the implementation of political communication strategies and strategic positioning. He specializes in public affairs, corporate affairs, and government relations.

Prior to joining the team, he worked at accounting company PwC and at public affairs consultancy FleishmanHillard in Berlin. At FleishmanHillard, he advised clients in several industries including energy, chemicals, digital and consumer goods.

Between his bachelor and master studies, he gained practical experience at a public affairs consultancy and the Federal Parliament. Lorenz holds a bachelor’s degree in political science and spanish from the University of Göttingen and a master’s degree in international relations from the University of Amsterdam.

Infrequently Asked Questions

Which kitchen appliance is your favorite?
My coffee machine! I make coffee first thing I do every morning after leaving my bed.

Do you collect anything?
In school I collected CDs with my favourite music, I think I still have around 500. Recently, I switched to collecting vinyls – That collection is just as large.

What animal best describes you?
My girlfriend says I would be a monkey since I eat a banana every day.